Mechanical and Piping engineering

  • Detail engineering design for modifications, detail mechanical design, re-rates, operational flexibility checks, Safety, Flange checks for repair/machining, nozzle modifications, Turnaround preparation design studies, structural assessments, etc.
  • Detail mechanical design of process equipment (e.g. pressure vessels, heat exchangers, tanks, etc)
  • Piping vibration assessment and coordination with other specialist resources and consultants for more complex situations.
  • Bolt torque, gasket design & selection advice and coordination with other specialist resources and consultants for more complex situations.
  • Hot tap designs
  • Piping design and stress analysis
  • Piping support design and selection.
  • Equipment re-rates: Support changed services and Operational Window violations.
  • Code data & records build up: Minimum code calculations
  • Procurement: Preparation of technical requirements for equipment procurement.
  • Materials: Assessing material selection for design requirements. Preparation of material specifications (plates, forging, etc )  for procurement
  • Construction/Fabrication Assistance: Review/prepare system for design and fabrication interface. Review designs for fabrication. Recommended repair procedures
  • Estimating: Assisting in creating a database for engineering and fabrication estimates. Estimating equipment costs
  • Quality Management: Quality Assurance auditing for engineering from drawing office to field implementation. Assistance in formulating procedures for accreditation and certification.

Design and Drafting

  • Mechanical design, detailing and drafting
  • Piping design, detailing and drafting- piping isometrics and pipe support details
  • Structural and civil design and drafting

3 D Laser Scanning and 3D plant modeling and rendering

3D virtual plant modeling suitable for:

  • retrofit projects – accurate as-built layout dimensions
  • turnaround and maintenance planning- e.g. scaffolding
  • process safety support- emergency shut-offs and safety critical devices
  • Inspection support- Equipment and piping isometrics for corrosion monitoring points
  • plant As-built vs. EFD verifications

Extraction of Mechanical and piping isometrics for prefabrication and construction

Asset Integrity & Reliability assurance support:

  • Simple Code minimum thickness calculations, Basic corrosion rate calculations, and basic remaining life determination, in support of run repair decisions and populating the Inspection Data Management system (IDMS)
  • Professional Engineer - AIA Design Verification for new fabrication, repairs and modifications as required by SANAS accreditation  for SANS 10227 & ISO 17020
  • Support for actions following Corrosion Reviews/RBI studies
  • Support for actions resultant from Asset Integrity reviews
  • Fitness for service assessments for Wet H2S cracking, Injection points, piping deadlegs, Hot hydrogen damage, Creep & creep cracking damage, Amine and deaerator Cracking, Buried piping, etc
  • Fitness for service assessments for Small bore connection, dead legs and injection point criticality assessment and inspection strategy-
  • Buried lines and soil to air interface.
  • Criticality rating of heat exchanger bundles based on Consequence assessment
  • Materials: Line class selection and clarifications & assessing material degradation and selection for process requirements.
  • TA scope review, & optimization.
  • Professional Engineer Review of leak sealing boxes & Clamp designs.

Consulting Support

  • Extensive or complex Fitness for service & remaining life calculations & predictions, typically based on FEA, creep, fatigue, fracture mechanics, etc.
  • Integrity Review of Critical Equipment
  • RBI health check/review
  • Structural Integrity: Fracture and Fatigue reliability assessments.
  • Integrity management planning strategies
  • Life extension studies of Equipment at end of life, due ageing, degradation, high temperature or obsolescence.
  • Special Emphasis Equipment Assessment: Wet H2S cracking, Injection points, piping deadlegs, Hot hydrogen damage, Creep & creep cracking damage, Amine and deaerator Cracking, Buried piping  
  • Corrosion under insulation and external corrosion:
  • Tank Risk based assessment strategy for outage plan
  • Criticality ranking of relief valves and other safety devices for inspection scheduling.
  • Legal: Liaison and coordination with relevant legal entities for compliance.
  • ISO 9000/14000 auditing
  • Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) support
  • Risk based Inspection (RBI) support
  • Optimal management of physical assets to Publicly Available Specification 55 (BSI): PAS 55 review/health check
  • Process safety: Facilitating and/ or participating in Process safety audits and reviews and Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA) studies. Providing assessment and assurance of Process Equipment integrity to satisfy Process safety safeguarding barriers.
  • Advanced Stress Analysis And Other Engineering Analysis- FEA/FEM of  pressure vessel, Heat Exchanger & piping components: Nozzles, Head to skirt joint, Flanges, Exchanger Expansion Bellows, Jacketed vessels, Support Attachments (saddles, lugs), etc

Process Engineering Services

Process engineering services shall be provide, if required through a strategic alliance partner.

Metallurgical Services

Metallurgical services shall be provided, if required through a strategic alliance partner.