Engineering, Design & Drafting

S & A can help you with feasibility studies and in exploring options for new pressure system designs. We can carry out detailed designs and manage the procurement, installation and commissioning of equipment.

Mechanical Design, Specification And Selection Of Process Equipment
All Mechanical design, specification and selection of process equipment will be carried out to the applicable industry codes and standards. Typically the following are applicable to the various equipment and components:

Pressure Vessels & boilers:

ASME Section 8 div. 1, 2 & 3, ASME section 1,  TRD code, BS 2690, BS, 3111, PD5500(BS 5500), AD Merkblatter
Heat Exchangers:
ASME, TEMA, API 660, API 661 (Air cooled)
API 650, API 620, BS 2654, BS 4994 (Reinforced Plastic) also ASTM 3299 or ASME RTP-1 if required
Hoppers and Non Code type equipment & Minor structural steel:
Generally in accordance with above
Fired Heater tubes: API 530
ASME B31.3, B31.4, B31.8 & BS 806 and related codes & Standards
Repairs And Fitness For Service Assessments:

Repairs and fitness for service assessment will generally be carried to the following codes and standards.
Pressure Equipment    : API510, NBIC 23,
Piping                               : API 570
Tanks                               : API 653
Fitness for Service       : API 579, BS 7910 (PD6493)
Other Industry standards that are considered Recognised and Generally Accepted as Good Engineering Practices (RAGAGEP) will be used when applicable to certain situations.