Telcom Structural Assessments

Investment in Telcom tower infrastructure in South Africa has increased with industry growth of R130bn 2007 to  R181bn  in 2011industry(ref.BR). In the Middle East and Africa (MEA) estimates of over 200,000 mobile telecom towers operating in the region & expected to increase by 50% in the next five years. An estimated US$8.0 billion in cumulative tower related capex could be saved if operators were to share towers. Current selling price of towers in Africa range upwards of US$150,000 per tower.

The Telcom tower infrastructure has grown, matured and is exceeding loading capacity. Aging and degradation is increasing occurring.

What we offer

- Post inspection strucural assessment

- Additional loading assessment for tower sharing

- Advanced degradation and stress analysis

- Dynamic loading assessment- hybrid powered towers, wind & solar powered

- Life extension & strengthening designs